XON SNOW-1 another crAPP

  • 5 January 2015
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Good news for all of the gogogadgets on here. Cerevo, a Japanese company, developed this analyzing binder called XON Snow-1. This piece of crapp registrates, maybe we’re a bit biased by all other worthless snowboard inventions, with a bunch of sensors and LEDS all the movements you make on your snowboard. Not for a learning purpose but just to… well they don’t really know either.

We do know that we don’t need a binding to analyze that this demo guy needs a little bit more than just this XON Snow-1 binder.

Let’s hope this company ‘Cerevo’ needs a crowdfunder so we will never, never ever see this crapp again.

Their story:

“Japan-based Cerevo has introduced XON Snow-1, a set of sensor-enabled snowboard bindings that track your movements and weight distribution as you ride. (Bindings hold the rider’s boots to the board.) .Oh really?

These bindings have sensors that monitor your weight distribution and the extent to which the board flexes while you ride. Each binding is also equipped with LED lights on the heel and toe that light up as you shift your weight. Vin Diesel would be proud.

The XON Snow-1’s app also keeps tabs on your riding speed and tracks your GPS location. After you’ve finished a run, you can use the video overlay feature to create a visualization of your style. The bindings are rechargeable and will last 6 to 8 hours on a single charge.

The data isn’t necessarily meant to coach you, though learning more about how you ride could certainly make you a better snowboarder. Instead the company likens the app to an instrument panel on a car; it provides a visual way to quantify what’s going on as you ride. So why would we want to know what happend 4 hours ago?

The XON Snow-1 will be available in the fall and will cost between $400 and $600 and come in small, medium and large sizes.”




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