Travis Parker – Afterbang

  • 6 January 2015
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It’s been said many times before but that doesn’t make it any less true: If there is one influential set of snowboard videos it would be the Robot food trilogy. What an era of filmmaking! The influence their style of editing, trick selection and random artsy/lifestyle shots makes it that people’s minds around the world opened up to a different way of thinking. All of a sudden it wasn’t just part after part split up with some slightly homo erotic looks into the camera anymore. Just kidding of course but they actually changed the game in an unprecedented way.

One of the best examples of this might be Travis Parker’s part in Afterbang. This guy truly shows how much fun one can have on a board. He just so happened to be amazingly talented at it and skilled lightyears beyond his time. His creative approach to boarding the white winter wave reminds more of the early days of attacking the whole mountain and every little bump on it rather than trick after trick on carefully sculpted booters. Watching this part will remind you how much fun it actually is to go out ripping with your homies in whatever conditions Mother Nature throws at you. Mind you, there’s a couple maneuvers performed here which to do this day have yet to be emulated. In fact, the spinny opening sequence alone should get a Golden Shred Globe for best intro of a lifetime. Fastplants in various magical ways, butters with mind bending body twisters and a backflip into unknown consequences is what makes this one of our favorite video parts to have ever been put out. Bringing in the eerily amazing sounds of Her Space Holiday is also a bold move which showed vision and appreciation of the weird.

For this we thank Robot Food, Travis Parker and the everlasting impact Airblaster will have on snowboarding as a whole.

Disclaimer: If you happen to have never seen this video part; buckle up and time travel 13 years back to the wonderful world of Travis Parker and his buddies.


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