RealSnow 2015 is open

  • 26 February 2015
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We were already flabbergasted by some of the jaw dropping shots Seb Touts released on his fb page for the RealSnow 2015 earlier this week. Now the RealSnow voting has started, which means all the video parts are up, it’s even more obvious that everything under 20 feet is out, doesn’t count and is not worth a shot on.

The voting can be done here.

Chris Grenier
Compared to what you are going to see in the below submissions Grenier is contributing the RealSnow with probably the most ‘normal’ part of ‘m all, with all respect. That’s also why we dig his edit so much. It’s close to what we (try to) do ourselfes and makes us wanna go out there. Don’t get us wrong because it’s full of snowboarding technics most of us can only dream of doing.

Dan Brisse
Dang Brisse are you kidding us.. A human canonball 540? Brisse is the Evil Knievel of this era. He is the superlative for big, bigger and biggest. Maybe it is better if we all stop using #brissespot, it will eventually send this guy to the graveyard. Better not because he’s literally taking snowboarding to another level.

Dylan Thompson
Thompson’s going big with style and throws in some variety of bangers. But we didn’t expect any different from Dylan.

Sebastian Toutant
Seb what is going on with all ‘m off axis stuff on and off obstacles? It’s beyond gnarly and it’s obvious that this is going to bring a lot of votes but does it make you stoked?  We rather see 20 of those switch hardways on double triple quad kinks. Maybe it’s just that we have to get used to the fact that a pretzl won’t bring a cheering crowd anymore.

Jeremy Jones
Good to see him back on his (Forum) board now he got put a side by the big B and still going big. Not as gnarly as we’ve seen him going on some of the double downers back in the days but for a guy in his 39’ers we gotta say that he’s still a legend.



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