Kaeppeli’s Coming Home

  • 23 November 2015
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This is a very last minute teaser from Kaeppeli’s recent project “Coming Home” with releasing the full movie within a couple of weeks. Not that we really care because the shots are silky smooth. Here’s what Mario has to say about his project:

“I’ve been working on my own project the past season called „Coming home“. Ist a documentation about how i got from a normal kid having fun on a snowboard to riding contest and now beeing only in the nature and spend my time with the crew in the backcountry… the past years ive been traveling all over the world and now it was time to come home (switzerland/austria) and ride my home mountains!! We got crazy good mountains here in europe, you just gotta open your eyes, take a look on a map and dont be lazy…after a lil hike you will find total untouched zones all for your own!”

We’ve to admit, we’re lazy and we might keep it that way.


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