Rock a Rail 2015 All-in

  • 23 November 2015
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As you may have noticed a fun little event by the name of Rock a Rail went down last weekend in the pictueresque hometown of many of us: the Hague aka Den Haag. For the fifth time a fine gathering was assembled to showcase their skills on the brand new setup by Gerben Gerrit Hendrikus Verweij aka GV Construction. For years now kind of in the same style but this years built was extra special with ledges, a millerflip enticing closeout guarded by a steel gate and a flatflatflatflat far riders right for extra spice. How and what would go down is always a surprise and left to the riders creativity and keen eye for original lines. Oh, I forgot to mention the up mailbox to firecracker options. There will be a lot more I’ll forgot to mention cause the riding was off the charts in full on hail blizzards but let’s start off with the ladies.

Everybody said it was cold, they were wet, the weather sucked and hailstones which could knock a regular person came down from the heaven’s above which did not manage to let these creatures fall or seize their actions. Asides from a few cracked boards no bones were broken and spirits soared high above this magnificent city behind the dunes. If you watched the live stream you wanna be there next year, if you’re reading this and you weren’t there or didn’t have a broadband connection you still wanna be there next year. If you don’t, then I don’t know, you might as well stay home and complain how cold it is.

Thanks to Rik and Marlon Brando, the shapers, the food crew (only heard there were amazing burrito’s till after the fact), the Grote Markt, Agga in general, the beer runners, the helpers, the pushers, the smilers, GV Construciones, Method Mag for their hilarious semi naked antics in the livestream box and still printing a mag with real snowboarding, all the photographers, filmers, GoPro-Tbar flying saucer setupboys, all the sponsors, all the riders and all the spectators who were out there killing it and losing their voices for this little mad thing called Rock a Rail. Blessed.

Oh yeah, sorry I didn’t get all the riders in here, kind of impossible with so much good stuff going down but there’s a couple more photos on our facebook page: Right hurrr!

All the best.


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