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  • 28 December 2015
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This report is gonna be split up in two parts. Late 14/15 season and early 15/16 winter season. Both are characterized by a different approach than what you might expect from this hairy joint. There will be nothing but natural stuff with a bit of shoveling thrown in for good measure. The binding factor to all these photos is the fact they have been made powered by feet. Don’t expect big gnarly lines but a playful approach to being out there and making the best of what you got. In the case of Flims Laax this can be a whole lot but more isn’t always necessary to provide some good times.

In the springtime I hiked, biked or drove 1100 meters up every other day to work as a field assistant on a climate project. Walking alone you experience the mountains in a completely different atmosphere and the Gemse (chamois) you meet along the way are always greeted with a smile. Just as the many marmots with their shrieking. Depending on my route that day I would pass or walk through this magical mushroomland. Mark McMorris filmed two kickershots for his videopart there last season. We saw the poppy booter one day during winter and it was pretty darn big. None of that you’ll find here but we ventured out on a good day in May and found a proper spot for a quarterpipe. Built on it for half a day with the storm rolling up. We just got a couple tries on it and our extensive inrun wasn’t giving the speed we wanted yet. The dark ominous clouds and a pushing wind crept on us. In the distance flashes could be seen and before long the first drops started falling from the sky. Winds grew stronger and the increasing thunder came at us in a rapid pace. Feeling nature’s raw power from so close by was really humbling.

All photos clickable once, twice, thrice for grande views.

Even though we love the park in Laax as much as the next man, it’s nice to show there’s much more to this magical place than No Name, Ils Plauns and P60 features shaped to perfection. The conditions might not be great around the Alps but with a little consideration and effort there’s definitely some fun stuff to be found. Get out there, stay safe and enjoy!

You’ve made it this far so if you happen to like reading, here’s some publications on the findings from the plant ecology climate project I’m wrapping, digging, building and caring for up here in springtime:

IFLScience.com (English)

nature.com (English paying to read the full article)

Neue Zürcher Zeitung  (German)

Next update from the land of cheese and chocolate will hopefully include some fluffier features, so dance dance and join us on our next adventure!

Shoutout to Bitter & Real.


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