• 13 October 2016
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The scene around here has been under constant change, in the thick of the damp forest days scurrying the leafs for some shrooms. Waking up with a little frost on your lawn and the first dustings visible on the peaks surrounding you informing us nature is about to take a harsh turn. The seasons are what brings forth many natural aspects which can supply us with the energy we need during, hopefully, the long, cold winter that is upon us. Gather your assets, stock the shelves and hope for the best. Massive dumplings that is. In an effort to entice you a little for surfing the white winter wave here’s a lookback on February and some of the moments of bliss we found.

Probably November will see some more stills coming your way through this dead website but we still livin. Right after Jeron stomped his banger I packed my bags to catch a bus n a train to jump in and get on the road with the RVision guys heading westwards with a storm a brewing, you might have caught some of that on insta last season but perhaps a word or two will follow on this here joint.

Just as I got done writing this the Charlie’s aka the yellowbeaked black ravens aka Pyrrhocorax graculus sailed over the crib for the first time this fall, informing me that winter really is upon us, seeing as they only venture into town when the temperature drops considerably. Let’s get it.


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