About Us

Hello dear reader. How kind of you to click on the ‘About Us’ link on our site. This means that you’re either lost or have no clue who we are. For the latter; stick around, you’re in the right place. For the people that are lost, please press the back button in your browser and you’ll be directed back to the awesome frontpage of the Mustachio. Please check out one of our fine articles. Thank you, you’re awesome.

For the people that don’t know us; this website is about snowboarding. And snowboarding is the thing we love to do the most. Too bad there is no snow on the world wide web, so we have to express ourselves in words and visuals.

We, the Mustacheers, feed you your daily dose of shrednews. Not just your typical news, but a fine selection of the best things snowboarding has to offer; new gear, travel stories, in-crowd gossip, awesome action-packed video’s and much more. We bring you the finest things European freestyle snowboarding has to offer and the nicest items originating in the US, all mixed up with a firm amount of humor. The items posted on this site are the things we love and care about. We are passionate about snowboarding and share that passion in the hope people will get passionate about snowboarding as well. That is what the Mustachio is about.